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Suncourt -- Inductor 6" In-Line Duct Fan With Cord (DB6GTP-CRD)

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  • Suncourt -- Inductor 6" In-Line Duct Fan With Cord (DB6GTP-CRD). Includes pre-installed electrical cord with grounded plug. Cord Length - 6 Feet.The Inductor In-Line Duct Fan solves air delivery problems without major system rework or expense. This unit has an oversized motor to help overcome more static pressure and blows harder. This unit is great for air conditioning applications as well as ventilation applications requiring more power. Duct Diameter: 6" Unit Weight: 2.0 Lbs. Max Boosted CFM: 350 Free Air CFM: 180 Amps: .75 dBA: 60 Blade Type: AluminumNOTE: NEVER expose your Inductor to airflow temperatures exceeding 140F (60C). Make sure all electrical wiring conforms to all applicable codes and standards. If you are not familiar with electrical installations, consult a qualified electrician. Never use an Inductor for dryer venting. FAQ: Why do I have a room that is always too cold?Your problem room may be located far from the furnace. Friction in the long duct reduces airflow to the register in that room, thus delivery of heated air. Also, perhaps the room is over an unheated garage or the duct is simply too small (undersized) to get enough heated air to that room. Remember too, when you are delivering heated air to a room, that air has to have a way to get out of that room. Otherwise there will be no air circulation. Does the room have an air return register? If not, is the door of that room kept closed, stopping air circulation? Why do I have a room that is always too hot?The room that you have a cooling problem with may be far away from the central air system. Long duct runs cause reduction in airflow, plus, the cooled air may have heated up before it gets to the problem room. Perhaps the problem run is to a room on the South side of the house, which has a large window, catching a lot of summer heat. Chances are that your 'hot' rooms are on the second level of your home. You see, cooled air is dense and heav

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