Think Crucial Carbon Inline Fan Filter & Odor Control - Size: 8" x 20"

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  • Cfm Rating: 650 to sufficiently pull the odorous, unfiltered air through the filter and breathe out clean air. Perfect air speed for delicate plants that emit odors.
  • Heavy Duty, Durable Long Lifespan of 1.5 years. Install the carbon filter to the ventilation room to remove odors of the growing room, bloom rooms, or drying rooms. WORRY-FREE performance as filters, like the Navy Seals, will leave no odor survivors.
  • Easy To Install because it is a replacement for part GLFILT8M which will fit your fan with no issues!
  • Exceptional Odor & Allergen Prevention for grow tents, grow rooms, and other indoor areas. Top filters for neutralizing allergenic pollutants, smoking rooms, foul odor emissions, pet dander, & more!
  • No Need For Outdoor Ventilation as these odor filters will completely eliminate foul odors and other air pollutants while filtering our fresh, purified air. DON?T WORRY about ensuring you have ventilation leading outside, as these filters will perform the job even better
Have you noticed that plant odors are starting to become more noticeable? (Uh oh?) When your inline fans and duct filters are no longer eliminating odors, as they should, it's time to change your filters and odor control. Our Think Crucial Carbon Inline Fan Filters & Odor control was specifically designed to fit over your 8x20" fans and filter out odors, pollen, and other unwanted air quality pollutants. These professional grade filters are absolutely essential when it comes to your inline/duct fans in indoor grow rooms, allergen filled bedrooms, or even keeping your rooms cool. Experience excellent performance as these filters were designed specifically to gently pull air and eliminate every odor
Think Crucial

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