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Floatron Official Replacement Mineral Electrode

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  • Average life 1-2 seasons
  • Features specially developed and unique mineral alloy
  • Comes with 2 thumbscrews which hold the basket on
  • Made in the USA
The Floatron kills algae and is a safer and economical alternative to the chemical marinade of most pools. The mineral electrode depletes after 1 to 3 seasons (depending on pool size) and can be replaced. Floatron will typically reduce chemical expenses by an average of 80%. Effective for pools up to approximately 40,000 gallons. Floatron Benefits: No More: Red Eye, Discolored or Bleached Hair & Faded Bathing Suits Reduce Chemical Expenses Non Toxic Unlike Chlorine which degrades, the Floatron USES NATURAL MINERALS which do not degrade or evaporate Safe to swim in pool with the Floatron Pool Cleaner How Does the Floatron Work??? This natural pool cleaner is solar powered and does not require batteries. Simply set the Floatron Pool cleaner in your pool and allow the unit to float atop of the water. As the sunlight powers the Floatron, the sunlight is converted into a harmless electrical current which energizes a special alloyed mineral electrode below the water. The Floatron kills algae
Mineral Electrode

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