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Nextrend Stainless Steel The New Skewer

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  • Enjoy all the piece of your skewer when you want them with the stainless steel The New Skewer from NexTrend. This modern skewer has nine individual prongs branching out from the spine to give you instant access to each food item being cooked. Each prong features a squared design so your Kabobs won't spin on the grill or fall off mid-flip. This accommodating sized skewer us perfect for large pieces of food as well as for larger barbeques. The incredible design also features stay-cool to the touch handle technology to prevent painful burns. Enjoy this innovative skewer in your own backyard over a grill or during vamping trips over a campfire. You'll never have to fight the skewer to pry off your food after it's cooked with this incredible grilling utensil.

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