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MILLIARD Pettin' Mitten Pet Grooming Glove; Brush your Shedding Cat or Dog to Remove Excess Hair / Fur

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  • If Your Cat Or Your Dog Has Fur, Chances Are That Your Clothes And Your Furniture Have It Too. Fur Gets Everywhere If Your Pet Doesn't Get The Grooming They Need, So Give Them A Petting' With Our Milliard Petting' Mitten Pet Grooming Glove. The Petting' Mitten Has A Nylon Rubber Palm Pad With Large Nubs That Painlessly Graze Loose Fur Off Your Pet For Easy, No-Fuss Grooming. The Glove Itself Is Moisture And Stain-Resistant Polyester Sized To Fit Large Or Small Hands. After You're Done Grooming, The Glove Is Machine Washable For Easy Cleaning For Its Next Petting'. Your Petting' Mitten Pet Grooming Glove Has Been Carefully Manufactured By Millard With Your Pet's Comfort And Safety In Mind And Should Provide Years Of Satisfaction With Proper Use.

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