Dog Gone Smart Trailblazer Jacket with Repelz-It Nano-Protection Coat for Dogs, 8", Grey with Teal

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  • Wow--Dog Gone Smart Trailblazers have it all! It's cutting-edge design and hip color pallet make this jacket a "treat" for any dog! The brand new Trailblazer jackets are a welcome and exciting edition to our collection for pet owners everywhere. Like the updated Aspen Parka, these jackets feature the functional and waterproof zipper feature. The Trailblazer jackets sport a sleek design, with a more tailored fit. These jackets feature the Repelz-It technology throughout, elastic waist with dual velcro belly closures. The sporty and rugged look will make your dog the sharpest dresser on the block. Repelz-It nano protection is the only nanotechnology on the market that is PFOA and PFOS free. Stains, bacteria and pet odors don't adhere to the surface of Repelz-It fabrics, keeping them cleaner longer. Dog Gone Smart products featuring Repelz-it can be machined washed and dried but require cleaning less often. The Repelz-It Nano-protection can remain functional up to 50 washings cycles and last for several years of use. Use a small about of regular detergent but do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets that can ruin the Repelz-It finish. Dog Gone Smart product using Repelz-It Nano-protection are 100% guaranteed to be easier to keep cleaner than any other similar pet products you have owned in the past.
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