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Dogit 30-Pack Training Pads, Value Bundle

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  • The Dogit Puppy Potty Training kit includes a 30 pack of the Dogit super absorbent training pads and a 17 ounce bottle of Dogit Bust-It, a state of the art enzyme stain and odor remover. The most effective potty training program should begin by being a positive experience for both you and your new puppy. Place the Dogit Training pads near the door or exit that you use to let the puppy outside. Most often your puppy tells you when it is time to go outside and we miss this communication. This is where the Training Pads come in handy. When your puppy uses the training pad, praise them and give them a treat. If your puppy has an accident in the house show the puppy their potty mess, call them to the training pad and then send them outside to do their remaining potty. Make sure that you praise your puppy after they complete their potty business outside. The Dogit Bust-It will effectively clean up any puppy accidents. Good luck, and enjoy your new puppy!

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