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DOGonGEAR Dog Diaper Wrap for 55lbs-70lbs & 21"-23" - Black

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  • Washable Comfortable Stylish Cute
  • Pets in heat or Bowel or Bladder Control Problems
  • Traveling with your pet or visiting friends and family when you do not want any messes
  • Swaddles and Comforts your pet to make them feel secure and helps with anxieties
  • For the Handicapped Pet or other medical needs
Dog Diaper Wrap LARGE(LONG) 55 pounds to 70 pounds or 21 inches to 23 inches in length DOGonGEAR BLACK Male and Female Dog Diaper Wraps Have you ever felt the frustration of housebreaking a puppy? As a pet owner, the security and comfort of your dogs is one of your greatest priorities. DOGonGEAR launched with a mission to offer unique protective pet clothes for the beloved four-legged creatures in your life at great prices. With DOGonGEAR, you can finally have some peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your pets and home! We have excellent products that provide simple solutions to your unease. We have designed specially made housebreaking puppy wraps that are comfortable for your pet to wear as your puppy goes through housetraining. Our washable pet diaper wraps were created exclusively to let your pet roam your home comfortably without constant worry of messes or damage to floors and furniture. We take great pride in our patented high-quality dog apparel and we hope to keep your
Dog Diaper Wrap
Dog Diaper Wrap

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