Gooby Choke Free Freedom Harness for Small Dogs, X-Large, Brown

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  • Harness vs. Collar
    Collars are widely used today as a method to control one s dog. Although it can be effective in its work, usage of collars lacks the sensitivity towards dogs. By using the Collar, the dog is open to harm on the neck. Sudden pull can put a tremendous weight on the dog s neck causing much strain. It also makes the dog susceptible to choking due to the nature of the collar. Harness on the other hand distributes the force evenly throughout the chest, minimizing the weight on the neck. It prevents the dog from getting choked when the leash is pulled. Since the harness straps around the body, it gives the owner more control over the dog.
    Gooby Harness vs. Other Harness
    Gooby Harness, although similar in looks, differs significantly in functionality. Other harnesses have a look of a choke-free harness, but in reality do not carry out its function. When pulled, other harnesses fail to distribute the force around the neck because the lead is attached closely to the neck. This results in choking of the dog, thus failing to function as a choke-free harness. On the other hand, Gooby Harness s lead attachment is located at the bottom. This distributes the force evenly across the chest minimizing the force put upon the neck. In addition O-ring, also known as Freedom Ring, frees the dog from choking when pulled on the side because the lead attachment follows the leash as it is pulled left and right. Lastly, unlike many nylon harnesses that cause irritation to the dog, Gooby Freedom Harness is made with synthetic lambskin that is super soft. Synthetic lambskin is used instead of lambskin and leather because it retains positive factors of the lambskin and the leather without the high maintenance. Synthetic lambskin has the soft lambskin touch and it is machine washable. It doesn t stiffen or leave a permanent water mark after it is wet.

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