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Kocci Free - All-Natural Anti-Parasitic for Pets (4 oz)

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  • Kaci Free is an herbal supplement anti-parasitic designed to help your pet overcome microscopic parasites such as Giardia and Coccidiosis. Although Kaci Free will not work on your typical round worm, tape worn, or hook worm; we have found great success in helping pets all over the world get rid of Giardia, Coccidian, and Campylobacter (a bacterial infection). KOCCI FREE is an ORGANIC all natural antibiotic which can help: Build and stimulate the immune system Rid the body of microscopic parasites Kills viruses, bacteria and fungus Soothe the digestive system Helps rid the body of free radicals If your pet is exposed Kaci Free may also be used to help protect your pet from illness KOCCI FREE is best when used in conjunction with Parvaid or "Kitty Distempered" The Parvaid (for dogs) or Kitty Distempered (for cats) may help your animal with the symptoms associated from coccidiosis such as vomiting and diarrhea. Parvaid or Kitty Distempered can also relieve stress caused by the nerves from the coccidian infection. Kaci Free Contains: Olive Leaf, Mustard Seed, Pau D'arco, Black Seed, Cloves, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Jatoba, Ethyl Alcohol, Filtered Water. CATION: Do not mix Kaci Free with VI Bactra Plus VibactraTM, UTRTM, Kennel Koff. DO NOT USE WITH BAYTRIL OR TAMIFLU. As with any food product, herbs can antagonize allergies in your pet. Stop giving Kaci Free if you see any of the following: Rashes, hives, edema (swelling), diarrhea, or blood in stools. If your pet has a reaction give charcoal and take to a veterinarian. (Have your vet treat for symptoms. Kaci Free will be out of your pets system in 3 hours). May cause miscarriage in some animals. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
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