Kumfy Tailz Warming Winter Pet Coat, Small, Brown with Pink Lining

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  • The Kumfy Tailz Warming Winter Coat incorporates patented gel-pack technology to keep your dog comfortable and healthy in the coldest weather! Every Warming Winter Coat comes with an included Kumfy Pax, which is the same warming gel pack technology that's been used in human musculoskeletal therapy applications for years. Before heading out for a walk or playtime, warm the Kumfy Pax in your microwave according to the directions on the Pax and place it into the Kumfy Pouch inside the Warming Winter Coat. Your dog will enjoy 30-60 minutes of comfortable warmth applied directly to the core, where it does the most good! The Kumfy Pax is reusable and will maintain its heat-retaining properties for years, as long as it's not damaged. The Kumfy Pax can also be frozen and used with the Kumfy Tailz Warming/Cooling 4-Season Harness. Most dog coats cover your dog's back and sides, but leave the vulnerable core exposed. We know from our research that your dog's chest and belly is where he or she will lose the most heat. Leaving this area unprotected in the cold not only makes your pup uncomfortable, it can increase your dog's stress level (including cardiac stress) and risk of hypothermia. Kumfy Tailz has been designed with the help of licensed veterinarians specifically to address canine physiology. It's cute to dress our pups up in coats and sweaters that look like little human designs, but they're just not as effective at keeping your dog warm, comfortable and safe in cold weather. Kumfy Tailz protects the most sensitive part of your dog and puts the comforting warmth exactly where it's needed!.
Kumfy Tailz

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