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Leather Martingale Dog Collar Rolled - 20 - Black

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  • Martingale Shearling Lined Collars
    Shearling Fleece and Bridle Leather are combined in this luxurious martingale style collar. (Shearling is a sheepskin pelt that has gone through a limited shearing process to obtain a uniform depth of the wool fibers for a uniform look and feel)

    These Collars are popular with owners of sighthounds, but can be difficult or sometimes impossible to fit to dogs with large heads. Measure carefully using instructions below to determine if this collar will fit your dog.

    See Auburn Leathercrafters Dog Leashes for leather leashes in matching colors.


    Measure carefully as these collars are sized differently than standard collars.

    When measuring for Martingale Shearling Lined Collars, keep in mind the collar needs to slip over your dog's head as there is no buckle and collar does not adjust.

    First, measure the widest part of your dog's head. Next, measure your dog's neck as you would for a standard buckle collar. Use the larger of the measurements to select a collar that fits between the ranges listed.

    Size 10 Fits necks measuring between 5.5in and 10in - head can be no larger than 10in
    Size 12 Fits necks measuring between 7.5in and 12in - head can be no larger than 12in
    Size 14 Fits necks measuring between 10in and 14in - head can be no larger than 14in
    Size 16 Fits necks measuring between 12in and 16in - head can be no larger than 16in
    Size 18 Fits necks measuring between 12in and 18in - head can be no larger than 18in
    Size 20 Fits necks measuring between 14in and 20in - head can be no larger than 20in
    Size 22 Fits necks measuring between 16in and 22in - head can be no larger than 22in
    Size 24 Fits necks measuring between 18in and 24in - head can be no larger than 24in
    Size 26 Fits necks measuring between 20in and 26in - head can be no larger than 26in
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