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    Who are Nipper & Chipper?

    Since his introduction in 1899, Nipper has become synonymous with RCA Televisions and Electronics. And with the addition of his son (Chipper) in the early 90 s, Nipper & Chipper have become icons. Now, these two active little pups are branching out into their own line of dog products. Their concept was simple: create a durable, high quality line of products that will enhance the bond between pet owners and their dogs.

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    Nipper & Chipper 7-Way Lead Features
    • Exclusive outdoor sports styling
    • Water resistant material
    • Force rated
    • Designed to be multipurpose
    Nipper & Chipper X-Trm Dog 7-Way Lead

    The X-Trm Dog 7-Way Lead, brought to you by the iconic Nipper & Chipper, is the ultimate accessory for your active pooch. Made for that dog that loves to be outside, the X-Trm Dog 7-Way Lead offers exclusive sports styling, high-density material that is water resistant and an easily adjustable design to ensure comfort for the owner and even the most active pooch.

    Made of durable, nylon material, the X-Trm 7-Way lead offers multi-function capability with adjustments that can be made from either end of leash. This leash can be used as a 4 ft, 5 ft, and 6 ft leash, as a double leash for two dogs, shoulder leash/hands free, dual control or a temporary tie out.

Nipper & Chipper

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