Petpeppy Self Cooling Pressure Activated Pet Bed with Pet Cooling Collar

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  • DOGS AND CATS LOVE IT! : This is essential for those hot summer days. Once your pet's body weight activates the cooling gel they will instantly be in doggie heaven! Their only defense to heat is panting and they can only pant so much! Pet Peppy makes it easy to help cool your pet the comfortable way. Show your favorite dog some love, by keeping them cool & happy!
  • Pet Peppy's Cooling Mat is the perfect treatment for pain, aches, stress, & older dogs. It helps with heatstroke, hip dysplasia, cushing's disease, allergies, post chemotherapy, skin conditions, epilepsy, & seizures. Give your dog some pet therapy & allow them to enjoy the refreshing, cooling sensation they've been deprived of.
  • Pet Peppy's cooling mattress wicks away moisture keeping your mattress cooling pad dry, fresh, & clean with no hassle. Our clean design allows you to take it with you in the car, on vacation, or visiting family. Simply clean it with soap & water, wipe dry, & transfer to your next location. Keep your favorite friend cool, dry, & comfortable at all times!
  • Our Self Cooling Mat works without refrigeration, water, electricity, or messy funnels! Pet Peppy does all the work for you, all you have to do is open up your package and decide where your pet will want to "chill out" at. It is perfect to use on dog beds, canine mattresses, couch cushions, hardwood floors, carpets, concrete surfaces, cars, & anywhere else you think your favorite animal will enjoy themselves!
This solid-gel cooling mat from Pet Peppy is a long-lasting solution for keeping all your pets healthy and comfortable even in the hottest, most humid conditions. The safe and sturdy nylon cushion features an innovative cool gel interior that absorbs your dogs' body heat, relaxing and soothing them for up to three continuous hours. As a self-charging pad, it requires absolutely no water, refrigeration, batteries or electricity, making it a truly low maintenance option for the home, the kennel, the yard, the car, the RV, and the hotel.
Cooling Pet Bed
Cooling Pet Bed

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