Pooch Smooch Bad Breath Eliminator Proprietary Enzyme Mix for Dogs

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  • Convenient way to eliminate odor causing bacteria on your dog's tongue!
  • Easy to clean and DISHWASHER SAFE!
  • Perfect for dogs BIG or small!
  • Makes cleaning your dog's mouth easy and convenient!
  • Includes the brush & 2 x (3 oz) Pooch Paste flavors in Peanut Butter & Chicken
90% of bad breath bacteria comes from the tongue. Poor oral hygiene can reduce your dog's lifespan by up to 3 years! Science has proven that dogs with great oral hygiene live healthier, happier, and longer lives. Seemingly harmless bad breath bacteria gets absorbed into the bloodstream and can lead to kidney, liver, heart disease, and even cancer. The ASPCA recommends brushing your dog's teeth everyday. While brushing your dog's teeth is an essential part of your dog's oral health routine, Pooch Smooch is an effective veterinarian recommended supplement to continued lasting oral hygiene.
Pooch Smooch
Bad Breath Eliminator
Bad Breath Eliminator

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