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Brightwell Aquatics Florin Delta GH Plus K Plus - 500 g

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Aquarium Cycling Starter
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Florin Delta GH Plus K Plus
  • Establishes an optimal mineral balance in water that has been purified or is exceedingly-soft for all freshwater planted aquaria, as well as for biotope aquaria housing fishes indigenous to forested and/or riverine habitats. Supplies potassium, magnesium, and calcium, elements which are vital to the overall health of aquatic plants, in beneficial ratios. Has higher solubility than competing supplements. May be used to establish beneficial water parameters in aquaria filled with purified water, to replenish depleted mineral concentrations in aquaria that rarely receive a water change, and to re-establish mineral concentrations following large water changes. Provides trace chloride, a valuable plant nutrient, in a beneficial concentration. Formulated utilizing extensive research on aquatic plant nutrient requirements. For complete information, click the 'Technical' button at the top right.
Brightwell Aquatics
Florin Delta GH Plus K Plus
Florin Delta GH Plus K Plus

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