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Jungle Beaks 25-feet 1/2" Bird Toy Supreme Cotton Rope

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  • Great for medium to extra large parrots/birds toys
  • Can be used for sugar glider toys
  • Extra large birds
  • Durable and reuseable
  • Perfect for macaws cockatoos and other big chewers
25'(feet) 1/2"(inch) SUPREME Cotton Rope: For the BIG birds and other pets. This rope is un-bleached and made specifically for birds. It is made with special fibers which makes it more digestible for birds and other animals. Of course it is not "eatable", what this means is that unlike other cotton ropes which tend to bind in a birds system, this rope is able to pass through when digested. This rope is not meant for hanging clothes, pulling equipment or for other household uses, it is strictly made for pets, which is why when our manufacturer is out so are we, as this is the ONLY rope we use for our birds and toys or are willing to sell for others. If we will not give an item to our birds we will NOT sell or use it for any other birds. All cotton rope is NOT the same nor is it all safe for birds and when it comes to cotton rope, "cheaper" is also NOT better. This is the SAFEST rope out there for birds. Of course nothing can be 100% safe for all birds because of chewing and other habits
Jungle Beaks
Cotton Rope
Cotton Rope

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