• Drastically reduces number of necessary water changes.
  • Long lasting, can be regenerated 100's of times.
  • Regeneration is accomplished with plain table salt, quick and completely safe.
  • Completely safe for even the most delicate invertebrates.
Pura NitrateLock filter media has a tremendous capacity for binding nitrates in both fresh and salt water due to it's highly selective and exclusive nature. This container will maintain, on average, a very low nitrate level in a 100 Gal aquarium for 1 month before regeneration. Plus with a regeneration capacity of up to 24 times, this wonderful product can be used for 2 full years. Since nitrate levels depend on many factors such as the number of animals, feeding patterns, as well as the age and chemistry of the tank, it is essential to monitor the nitrate levels in the aquarium to get the best use of the NitrateLockq
Pura Nitratelock
Pura Nitratelock

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