Omegease 100% Pure Omega-Rich Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats

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  • Best Omega 3 Fish Oil For Healthy Skin, Soft, Silky Coat, Less Shedding And Thicker Fur
  • Richer Source Of Epa & Dha. Reduces Inflammation, Eases Joint Pain
  • 100% Pure And Natural. Wild Caught, Human Grade. No Additives Or Preservatives. Boosts Immunity
  • Mixes Easily With Your Pet'S Food. Dogs And Cats Love It.
Every pure, omega rich drop is proven to support a healthy coat and skin, lubricate their joints and assist with the functioning of their heart, immune system and brain. While science proves that omega 3 fatty acids and fish oils are highly beneficial for pets, not all fish oils are the same. Many use farmed salmon from Norway and Iceland with levels of EPA and DHA well below the recommended dose. Wild salmon oil and other fish oils made from predatory fish are often tainted with mercury and other contaminants that accumulate in the bodies of big fish. Omegease is produced from wild sardines, anchovies, herring and mackerel, making it free of those toxic heavy metals and a richer source of EPA and DHA.
Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats
Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats

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