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Alvord Polk 827-0 Solid Carbide Reamer, CNC (Short) Length, Straight Flute, Round Shank, Uncoated Finish, Size: 8.5 mm

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  • The Alvord Polk 827-0 right-hand spiral CNC length chucking reamer is a round shank tool made of tungsten carbide, and is most commonly chosen for reaming abrasive materials such as cast iron. This tool is meant for use in a CNC machine at high rpms with reduced vibration and increased accuracy compared to a longer tool. Less vibration means more precision.

    Straight flute reamers are useful for uninterrupted cuts in general purpose applications. These reamers make small, circular, and precise enlargements to through and blind holes.

    For reamers in the 827-0 series with 0.0280 to 0.1910 inches diameter there are four flutes, and for 0.1915 to 0.5010 there are six flutes. Tolerances are +0.0002 -0.0000 inches for all reamers in the 827-0 series.

    Reamers are used to finish existing holes. When holes are created using common applications like drilling or punching they often have minute imperfections. Their roundness may be flawed, or their diameter may be slightly smaller than required. Reamers are made to exacting tolerances, so they can correct such errors and create precisely round holes of exacting dimensions. Reaming is often used before tapping screw threads.

    Alvord Polk manufactures a broad family of cutting tools, brushes, and tooling components, following ISO 9001 standards for quality and environmental impact of their products. Their offices and manufacturing facilities have been located in the United States since 1881.

Alvord Polk

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