• Straight flute reamers are recommended for general purpose reaming to make minor enlargements to existing holes with a very precise size and roundness
  • Straight flute reamers are good for use in through or blind holes without interruptions such as keyways (through holes extend through the entire workpiece, while blind holes do not)
  • Round shank tools are cylindrical and should be held in a good-quality toolholder in order to prevent the reamer from slipping in high torque applications, which can cause tool freeze, loss of accuracy, and tool damage
  • Uncoated (bright) tools have no finish or coating. They are a good choice for general purpose applications
  • High-speed steel is a common general purpose steel for cutting tools, is compatible with a variety of materials, and tends to be lower in price than cobalt steel or carbide
The Alvord Polk 127-0 straight flute chucking reamer (also called a machine reamer) is a general purpose round shank tool made of high-speed steel with no finish or coating, and is most commonly chosen for general purpose reaming. This tool can be used in a drill press, screw machine, lathe, or other good-quality toolholder.Straight flute reamers are useful for uninterrupted cuts in general purpose applications. These reamers make small, circular, and precise enlargements to through and blind holes. High-speed steel is a general purpose steel for cutting tools and is compatible with many metalworking materials. It is often lower in price than other cutting tool materials.For reamers in the 127-0 series with 0.0280 ? 0.1561 inches diameter there are four flutes, for 0.1562 ? 0.5220 inches diameter there are six flutes, for 0.5221 ? 0.8820 inches diameter there are eight flutes, for 0.8821 ? 1.1950 inches diameter there are 10 flutes, and for 1.1951 ? 1.5000 inches diameter, there are 12
  • Finish Types: Uncoated (Bright)
  • Cutting Direction: Right Hand
  • Shank Width: .2173-.2163 inches
  • Size : #2
  • System of Measurement: Wire Gauge
  • Flute Type: Straight
  • Material Type: high_speed_steel
  • Shank Type: Round
Alvord Polk

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