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AMT Pump Mounting Bracket for Heavy Duty Industrial Coolant Pump (4420-90)

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  • For use with AMT coolant pumps with 2.5" column diameter
  • Bracket controls immersion depth of pump
  • Installation does not require motor to be separated from pump.
This AMT 4420-90 mounting bracket fastens to the column of an AMT coolant pump, simplifying pump installation and controlling the immersion depth of the pump. This bracket has a center hole diameter of 2.5" and measures 9.5" by 10.8".Pumps use mechanical action to move liquids, gases, or slurries (solids suspended in a liquid or gas). The mechanical action is categorized as either positive displacement (PD) or kinetic. PD pumps capture and release discrete amounts of flow into a chamber and then force it out. Some examples of PD pumps are fuel and oil pumps in cars, pumps in hydraulic systems, and bicycle pumps. Kinetic pumps move liquids, gases, or slurries by transferring energy from the pump's movement to the flow. They use an impeller to draw the flow in, add energy to the flow, and move it through a volute (a spiral funnel through which the flow moves), and into the system. Some examples of kinetic pumps include centrifugal (the most common pump in industrial applications), in-lin
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Pump Mounting Bracket

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