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ASHCROFT Duralife Type 1009 Stainless Steel Case Dry Filled Pressure Gauge, Stainless Steel Tube and Bronze Socket, Micrometer pointer, 3.5" Dial Size, 1/4" NPT Lower Back Connection, 0/60 psi Pressure Range

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  • Ashcroft is pleased to reintroduce the 1009AW Duralife pressure gauge. This gauge has been upgraded with many new features outlined above while maintaining the tried and true performance and quality you have come to expect. Duralife 1009AW gauges provide significant features and benefits. New features include a ventable plug that can be sealed or vented depending on your environment and a patent pending through-dial recalibration that reduces recalibration time. The combination of features including the patented PowerFlex movement and optional PLUS! Performance dampening system in the 1009AW is the finest gauge technology for vibration, shock and pulsation applications. Available in pressure ranges from vacuum to 1000 psi, including compound and metric ranges

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