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BAND-IT 201 SS Smooth ID Clamp 250 Per Box - 075"W x 003"T 275"D

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  • Vibration resistant lip wrap lock design. Lock is formed by a simple lever movement. No hammering or crimping.
  • Unique buckle nest and smooth ID design reduces leak paths compared to Center Punch Clamps.
  • Double wrapped for additional strength.
  • Various materials for different corrosive environments
  • Hose clamps are used everywhere. Hose clamps are not quite complex, and they actually just come in two kinds. There?s the spring kind, and the banded screw kind.
  • You?ve likely seen them in other places too, although the banded screw kind of hose clamp can be used in a broad variety of automotive settings. They include a grooved group of metal with a a hook and a screw.
  • A spring type hose clamp is somewhat different. They?re made of metal that is powerful but flexible. You will find two tabs built into them - one.
  • Screw design hose clamps and both spring style are used in automotive scenarios. They may be used to fix power steering hoses, radiator hoses, brake lines and more. Nevertheless, care should be used to ensure that screw design clamps aren't overtightened, as this cause a flow and can damage the hose

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