• 316 Stainless Steel offers superior corrosion resistance in typical atmospheres and fresh water
  • Can be installed with a A92079 BAND-IT Hand Tool or an IT1000 High Production Pneumatic Tool; When installed with the A92079 Tie-Lok II tool, the Tie-Lok tie can withstand forces above 250 pounds
  • Smooth ID Stainless Steel Cable Tie has a low profile
  • Strong Patented dimple lock design that provides a fast, reliable , consistent clamp
BAND-IT Tie-Lok ties offer a unique, patented dimple lock with a smooth ID and a low profile. This is a fast, consistent and reliable clamp. Used in many industries from automotive to cable bundling. 316 Stainless steel offers very good resistance to mild atmosphere, fresh water and the sun's UV rays. Forms a low profile single wrapped assembly to secure cables, hoses, I.D. Tags, CV Boots, filter bags. Patented lock design. Can be installed with a hand tool or high production pneumatic tool. When installed with the A92079 Tie-Lok II tool can withstand forces above 250 pounds.

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