• Exit and directional signs
  • Identification of fire alarms and extinguishers, low location egress pathway markings, and directional systems for escape or evacuations routes
  • Brady B-324 is a non-toxic,
  • Non-radioactive, explosion safe
Brady B-324 BradyGlo material is a glow-in-the-dark (photoluminescent) pressure sensitive polyester. In accordance with ASTM 2030-99 - Recommended Uses of Photoluminescent Safety Markings. Relevant Standards - Meets or exceeds the following standards. ASTM E-2072-00 / ASTM E-2073-00, ASTM E-162, ASTM E-648, ASTM E-662, IMO Resolution A.752(18), ISO/CD 15370, Marine Safety Committee MSC.27(61), DIN 67 510 (Parts 1 - 4) and PSPA Standard 002 Part 2. Meets OSHA 1910.37, Lloyd's Register SAS F050294.p. Illuminescent Characteristics - Charge time of 5 minutes at 1000 Lux will charge the sign for plus 10 hours of glow time. Consistent glow life and unlimited rechargability throughout service life. Not recommended for outdoor application.
"Exit" Marker Sign

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