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Brady CL-0309-652 LS2000 0.65" Width x 0.187" Height, B-652 High Temperature Polyimide, Matte Finish Amber Printer Label (500 per Roll)

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  • Blank, printable polyimide labels for the LS2000 printer. Brady B-652 is a polyimide film with a high performance printable topcoat and a high temperature acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Brady B-652 is designed for applications requiring excellent solvent resistance and high temperature performance, like top side and bottom side of printed circuit boards. B-652 is designed to withstand the various fluxes, molten solder dips or solder reflow methods, and cleaning solvents encountered in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. B-652 is greenish/amber in color. Recommended ribbons for dot matrix printing are the Brady Series R2000 and R5000 ribbons. B-652 printed with Brady Series R2000 and R5000 ribbons meets the requirements of: MIL-P-55110D General Specification for Printed Wiring Boards, MIL-M-81531 Marking of Electrical Insulating Materials, MIL-STD-202F Method 215J Resistance to Solvents (B-652 printed with laser print does not meet these requirements).

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