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Brady M71-30-427-PL 0.75" Width x 1.5" Height Purple/Translucent Color B-427 Self-Laminating Vinyl Labels With Matte Finish For BMP71 Label Printer (250 Per Roll)

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  • The BMP71 label maker can print on more than 30 different types of label materials - all designed with Brady's industrial-strength durability. Brady gives you an advantage in wire and cable identification with a full complement of on-site marking solutions. For professional wire and cable marking, Brady offers a number of wire marking printers that will effectively help you quickly identify wires during repairs and mark cable lines during installations. Brady also has high visible cable labels and wire marker labels that make identifying that maze of wires inside your data center easy. With a wide selection of preprinted wire labels and cable markers, Brady has the right identification solution for your application. From cable labels to marking sleeves, Brady has your full identification solution. Cable identification is extremely important for keeping your network, voice and data lines up and running. Cable labels help you quickly identify the right voice lines during troubleshooting and repairs, and they can be used mark the data lines for upcoming installs and repairs. Brady offers cable identification labels in a variety of sizes to fit all voice, data and video cabling applications. Cable labeling is also available for racks, shelves, telecomm main grounding bus bars, firestopping locations, pathways and general voice and data marking in the telecommunications closet. UL recognized. Acrylic adhesive. Wire gauge: 10 to 4. Cable type is CAT 5, 4 pair UTP. B-427 is not recommended for use in harsh organic solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, or 1,1,1-trichloroethane. Thermal transfer print technology. Recommended ribbons are Brady series R4300 black and R4500 colored (red, blue, green) for thermal transfer printing. Maximum characters per line for font no. 2: 18. Maximum lines of text for font no. 2: 5.

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