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Brady TWM-1-PK 1.5" Marker Length, B-702 Low-Profile Glossy Vinyl-Coated Polyester, Black on White Solid Numbers Wire Marker Card, Legend "1" (Pack of 25 Card)

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  • Made of B-702 low profile glossy vinyl-coated polyester, our TWM series wire markers are resistant to oil and mild solvents. Their high adhesion properties make them perfect for machine tool labeling. Available in black on white. Card-mounted wire markers are sold as individual characters or as consecutive numbers and letters. Brady B-702 is a flexible film tape with a white vinyl topcoat and a high tack rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive. Bray B-702 is an excellent wiremarker material for applications requiring good resistance to solvents and oils. It is an ideal marker for machine tool applications. Brady B-702 has excellent flexibility, which makes it suitable for wrapping on thin gauge wire. The tape also has low profile when wrapped on wires.

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