• Premium classical profile construction
  • 25%-30% higher power ratings than standard V-belts
  • Strong Vytacord tensile members; Engineered cushion compound
  • Cut-edge cogged construction
  • Heat, ozone, and abrasion resistant; Static conductive
The C profile Torque-Flex cogged V-belt has a 0.88" top width, is 0.53" high, is built by Continental ContiTech with Vytacord tension members, and is suitable for industrial applications where mechanical or environmental abuse is a factor. The belt is commonly used for small-sheave, high-tension drives and short-center applications. It is static conductive, making it appropriate in the presence of explosive gases, liquids, powders, and other substances where the possibility of static sparks must be kept to a minimum.
Continental ContiTech
Torque-Flex V-Belt
Torque-Flex V-Belt

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