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DBI/SALA Python,1500032, Non-Conductive Tangle Resistant, Reusable Quick Spins Adapter Pen Holder W/Coil Tethers Tools In Seconds,10-Pack

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  • Quick spins, pen with coil, make tools tether-ready in seconds. Reusable, suitable for non-conductive use, and a tangle-resistant spin top make quick spins an outstanding drop prevention solution that doesn't deface tools, 10-pack.Fall protection for humans is vital to individual safety. Fall protection is about you. Drop prevention is about everybody else. Fall protection has been regulated for decades. We know how to prevent people from falling. What about the tools, dropped objects can result in huge property damages, lost tools or, worse yet, injury or death. It is our passion to help you protect the people around you.
3M Fall Protection Business

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