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Dorian Tool 3/16"T Tungsten Carbide Molded Positive Turning Insert - 10Pk

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  • For general application of high temp and super alloys, multi materials with small depth of cut and low feed per revolution at high SFM (Vc)
  • Medium molded chip breaker
  • Positive rake angle
  • Wet or dry working condition
  • Available in multi-layer PVD-AlCrN coating
Dorian Tool HP-High Performance 7 degrees ANSI precision positive ground turning insert. The DUP15VT grade, has a hard, high abrasive and wear resistant substrate with a multi-layer PVD-AlCrN coating, (Aluminum Chromium Nitride) for higher wear and heat resistant. For finishing turning application, of high temp super alloys, ferrous and non ferrous materials at high SFM (Vc) brittle not for interrupted cut. Wet or dry working condition. Honed cutting edge for precise chip control and free evacuation. For universal turning application of high temp super alloys, ferrous and non ferrous metals at small to medium depth (ap) of cut and feed rate per revolution (fn). Positive rake angle, high abrasive and wear resistant and better surface finish in stable working. ANSI C3-C8 certified.
  • Material Type: Carbide
  • Finish Types: PVD Multilayer
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Chip Breaker Type: UEU
  • Compatible Devices: SCLCL12-4B, SCLCL16-4D, SCLCL20-4D, SCLCR12-4B, SCLCR16-4D, SCLCR20-4D, SCMCN12-4B, SCMCN16-4D, SCYCN12-4B, SCYCN16-4D, S16Q-SCLCL-4, S16Q-SCLCR-4, S16T-SCLCL-4, S16T-SCLCR-4, S20R-SCLCL-4, S20R-SCLCR-4, S20U-SCLCL-4, S20U-SCLCR-4, S24U-SCLCL-4, S24U-SCLCR-4, E20U-SCLCL-4, E20U-SCLCR-4, E24U-SCLCL-4, E24U-SCLCR-4, DBOMH-20/32M-ASCLCL-4, DBOMH-20/32M-ASCLCR-4, DBOMH-24/40M-ASCLCL-4, DBOMH-24/40M-ASCLCR-4
  • Compatible Material: High Temp and Super Alloys, Multi Materials
  • Corner Radius: 0.015 inches
  • Cutting Direction: Neutral
  • Outside Diameter: 1/2 inches
  • Rake Type: Positive
  • Style Name: CCGT
  • Thickness: 3/16 inches
Dorian Tool
Turning Insert

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