• High-speed steel tools are good for most general purpose applications, offering a combination of hardness and toughness for wear resistance
  • Titanium aluminum nitride coatings become self-lubricating when used at very high speeds, making them ideal for cutting without coolant ("dry machining")
  • Round shanks with square end allow use with a wide variety of toolholding systems
  • Right-hand cut tools have a cutting action that engages when they are run in a clockwise direction
  • Single end
High performance spiral flute tap (16-19 degree) for hard materials and cast iron. Designed for blind hole tapping materials with a hardness of less than 38 Rc. Premium substrate provides superior abrasion resistance and edge strength. TiAlN-Top coating lowers the coeffi cient of friction, improves thread quality, affords higher operating speeds, and longer tool life.
Dormer Applix
Spiral Flute Tap

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