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Durable 13-1/4"x10"x4-1/2" Steel Face Rubber Loading Dock Bumpers

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  • Eliminates wear from up-and-down movement of trailers loading and unloading.
  • Cost-effective due to longer wear expectancy and fewer replacement costs
  • Impervious to weather damage
  • No Maintenance
Protect your building and loading docks from heavy traffic! The 3/8" thick steel-face plate eliminate wear from up-and-down friction movement of trailers loading and unloading. Provides longer wear expectancy and fewer replacement costs. Excellent for medium and heavy traffic loading docks and in docking areas where excessive friction from up-and-down trailer movement occurs. Can be used in any material-handling system area where heavy-duty protection is required. Bumper is impervious to weather damage. Available ability to deflect and absorb shock with standard laminated bumper beneath the steel-face.
Durable Corporation
Loading Dock Bumpers

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