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Dwyer 4-Wire Connector for Series Compressed Air Meter

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  • 4-pin M12 to 4-wire connection provides power to Dwyer Series CAM compressed air meters
  • Threaded connector with knurled ring secures cable to meter
  • 6'/2m length
The Dwyer A-283 4-wire connector is used to provide power to the Dwyer Series CAM compressed air meter (sold separately). The 6'/2m cable has a 4-pin M12 connector that connects to the meter and four pin-connectors to connect to the power source. The cable is 6'/2m long. Pressure gauges are instruments used to measure the pressure of a gas or liquid inside a vessel and, often, to help ensure the optimal amount of pressure for a given application. Pressure gauges can range from everyday instruments, such as those used to measure the air pressure in a car or bicycle tire, to highly accurate gauges used in mechanical and industrial processing. Most often, pressure gauges measure pressure relative to a reference measurement. Gauge pressure measures the pressure of something relative to ambient air. For example, a tire pressure gauge or a blood pressure gauge measures the air in a tire or blood flowing through veins relative to ambient air. Differential pressure is the difference in pressur
Air Meter Wire Connector

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