i-lighting SL 532 NW CW Modern Outdoor Stair Light Kit with Clear LED, White

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  • Showcase your outdoor staircases while adding safety! Our unique LED lighting display beautifully illuminates each stair tread for a dramatic effect while providing an added level of safety as you ascend or descend the stairway. Each Outdoor Stair Light kit includes one LED light assembly, one patented Easy Plug T-cable extending 9 Inch in two directions to allow lights to be daisy chained together without cutting or splicing, one 30 inch lead for flexibility of light placement, five wire staples for mounting the wire harness and stainless steel color matched screws for mounting the light. To illuminate each riser in the staircase: 1. Count the number of risers to determine the number of stair light kits needed. 2. Measure the distance from your power source to the first light to determine the length of the Easy Plug Connector Cable needed. 3. Purchase I-lighting's 12 Watt Power Supply to light up to 50 stair light kits. 4. If you prefer to light every other riser, purchase I-lighting's 15 inch extension cable to jump to the next riser. Used in conjunction with I-lighting's Easy Plug Connector Cable to space lights where desired. Connector cables are available in 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 10 , 15 , 20 , 25 , 30 and 50 lengths. Lights must be used with an I-lighting Outdoor DC Power Supply. To determine the power supply needed, count the number of lights installed and multiply by the wattage consumed, leaving 10% of wattage free to ensure optimal performance.
SL 532 NW CW
SL 532 NW CW

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