Indexable Carbide Turning Inserts - Pack of 2 (2-SNMG-322-PM-4325)

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  • Carbide Turning Insert
  • Medium
  • T-Max P Carbide Insert
  • Top and Hole Clamping
  • SNMG 09 03 08-PM 4325
In conventional CVD alumina coatings, crystal growth direction is random. When developing Inveio, our experts found a way to control the growth in this coating layer to ensure that all crystals line up in the same direction, with the strongest part towards the top surface. This can be seen in the microscope images below where each crystal direction is given a unique color. A groundbreaking coating technology and the secret to predictable performance of the new 4000 series grade of carbide inserts. The tightly packed uni-directional crystals create a strong barrier towards the cutting zone for chip control, high wear resistance and long tool life.
Sandvik Coromant
Carbide Turning Inserts

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