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IRONguard Rubber Dock Bumper/Horizontal Mount - Size: 10"L X 12"W X 6"D

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  • 6" (+ 1/2" or - 0") Projection
  • P1 denotes flat plate one side
  • Designed for use at medium to high traffic loading docks
  • 3/8" Full height steel angles and/or flat plates
Can Be Used In Factories, Warehouses, Docks: For Protecting Above Low Docks. Rub Rails At The Sides Of Truck Wells. Special Construction Features To Accommodate Unusual Anchoring Conditions I.E. Flat Plate On One Side To Weld To Dock Leveler Curb Angle. Wall Bumpers To Protect Against Fork Lift Trucks Fabric Reinforced Rubber Pads Cut From Recycled Truck Tires. Rubber Pads Laminated Between Structural Angles And Secured With 3/4" Rods. Manufactured Under Pressure Exceeding 1,500 Lbs. To Absorb Over 80 Percent Of The Impact. 3/8" Thick Angles Or Flat Plate Are Closed On Each End With 3/4" Tie Rod. Anchor Leg Of Angle Extends A Minimum Of 3" Beyond The Rubber Surface At Either End And Contains 2 Or 3 3/4" Anchor Bolt Holes As Required Finish For Exposed Metal Parts Is Black Shop Primer. Full Height Angles/Flat Plates To Prevent Fanning Of Rubber.
Dock Bumper
Dock Bumper

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