Keyed Different Small Tubular Cam Lock w/ Collar Ring- Chrome Finish- 7/16

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  • The FJM Security cam lock comes with a chrome collar ring that shrouds the lock head helping to prevent attacks on your lock via prying or wrenching
  • The collar ring is constructed out of durable stainless steel and has a handsome chrome finish - it will stand up to harsh weather and any attack
  • The cam lock with the collar ring is 7/16" long and can fit a material thickness of up to 3/16" - it is a standard size cam lock with 3/4" diameter
  • Chrome tubular cam lock (sometimes called the ace cam lock) comes keyed different with two keys per lock - each key set will fit one unique lock
The FJM Security cam lock with collar ring brings an added layer of security to any cam lock application. The stainless steel collar ring will stand up to harsh weather conditions and shroud the head of the cam lock. This prevents attacks on the cam lock from those who would try to pull off the cam lock with pliers, wrenches or other tools. The collar ring is independent of the lock ? if anyone attempts to twist the collar ring, the lock itself will not move. The stainless steel collar ring gives any cam lock a more robust look that can be enough to deter any intrusion from an outsider.
FJM Security
Tubular Cam Lock

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