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Lead OutTM Paint Stripper, Quart

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  • Franmar's Lead Out is a new exciting lead-based paint remover that renders lead paint non-hazardous for safe removal and inexpensive disposal. Made with soybeans, Franmar's Lead Out uses a special patented Molecular Bonding System or MBS that reacts with lead at the molecular level to alter the lead compounds to a non-hazardous compound. The result is a simple and affordable way to safely remove lead-paint. Because the lead in the paint is converted to non-hazardous waste disposal is easy and inexpensive. Franmar's Lead Out will remove multiple layers of lead paint, latex, oil paints, enamels, varnish and urethane's in one application and even cleans up with water or a simple degreaser such as Franmar's EMERGE. Once clean up is complete, surfaces treated with Franmar's Lead Out consistent produce test results well below the EPA's lead safe limits. Renders lead-based paint and other heavy metals non-hazardous for safe and inexpensive disposal. Reduces lead content during lead paint removal below federal limits EPA SW-846 (Burn Test) Made with 100% American Grown Soybeans. Non-Caustic and No Methylene Chlorides 100% Biodegradable Remove Multiple Layers In One application Limits Lead Dust During Lead Paint Removal. 3X The Coverage Of Traditional Strippers!
Lead OutTM Paint Stripper

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