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Lovejoy 1422G7SH Grooved Driven Sheave, 6.8" Outer Diameter

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  • This Lovejoy grooved V-belt driven (companion) sheave for variable speed drives is made of cast iron and works with widely available, variable speed belts suitable for use in many existing drive designs. This sheave is made of cast iron for resistance to wear, corrosion and galling and is designed for variable speed applications. Its spoked construction provides strength while decreasing weight, and it has one groove for use with single belts. V-belt pulleys (sheaves) are used in a wide range of mechanical and electronic drives, including HVAC units, farm machinery, food processing equipment, and home appliances, among others.

    V-belt pulleys (sheaves) are the component in a power transmission drive that transmits power to the belt. Typically made of cast iron, the pulleys and the V-belts that loop around them match in form wide (classical) or narrow, single or multi-grooved. V-belt pulleys are found in drive designs in the agriculture, textile, printing, mining, and office equipment industries.

    Lovejoy manufactures V-belt pulleys and other power transmission products. The company, founded in 1900 and headquartered in Downer s Grove, IL, provides tools that meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Deutsches Institut f r Normung (DIN) standards, and others.


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