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Martin 4.875" OD & 1.5"L Taper Bushed Type WA Weld-On Hub - Steel (WA25)

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  • Weld-on hub for mounting a pulley or sprocket on a taper bushed bushing
  • Works with Martin taper bushed bushings
  • Steel for strength and resistance to shock
This Martin Type WA taper bushed weld-on hub is used with Martin taper bushed bushings. Weld-on hubs attach to pulleys, sheaves, or sprockets to provide a tapered bore to match the tapered outer surface of a bushing. The hub is made of carbon steel for strength and resistance to shock. This Martin taper bushed weld-on hub is an accessory for use with Martin taper bushed bushings, which are used in various applications, such as automotive and truck transmissions, agricultural and construction equipment, pumps and compressors, and two-cycle engines, among others. Plain bearings provide low-friction sliding contact for relative motion between parts of a machine. They are the simplest type of bearing, with no rolling elements, and there are three basic types of plain bearings - radial plain bearings (also called sleeve bearings or bushings) to support rotating or reciprocating shafts, thrust bearings (also called washers) to support axial loads on shafts, and linear bearings to support and
Weld-On Hub

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