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Martin Martin-Flex Coupling - 9.25" Length (E9)

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  • For use with Martin Martin-Flex style flexible coupling assembly (sold separately)
  • Neoprene for transferring and absorbing shock load and high resistance to oils
  • Flexes up to 4 degrees to compensate for angular misalignment of coupled shafts
  • Operating temperatures range from -45 to 210 degrees F (-42 to 99 degrees C)

This Martin Martin-Flex coupling tire element replaces the tire element on Martin Martin-Flex style flexible couplings and is made of neoprene for transferring and absorbing shock load and has a high resistance to oils. It flexes up to four degrees to compensate for angular misalignment of coupled shafts and has an operating temperature range of -45 to 210 degrees F (-42 to 99 degrees C). Martin Martin-Flex couplings are suitable for use with compressors, conveyors, cranes and hoists, dredges, fans, generators, mills, mixers, pumps, and screens, among others.

Flexible couplings are used to link two rotating shafts that are not aligned in order to transmit the rotational power, known as torque, from one shaft to the other. Most flexible couplings consist of two hubs and a middle assembly; each hub attaches to a shaft while the middle assembly flexes between the hubs to accommodate the misalignment of the two shafts. Shaft misalignments are generally either parallel or angular and cause complications to transmitting rotational power from one shaft to another in the form of stresses, loads, vibrations, and other forces, which vary from one type of misalignment to another. Flexible couplings are used in a broad range of applications, such as in motor vehicles, conveyors, escalators, agricultural, forestry and mining equipment, aeronautics, robotics and space exploration, among others.

Martin Sprocket & Gear manufactures power transmission and conveying products. Martin provides tools that meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Aerospace Standard (NAS), and Deutsches Institut f r Normung (DIN) standards. The company, founded in 1951, is headquartered in Arlington, TX.

  • Brand Name: Martin
  • Part Number: E9
  • UPC: 697950081595
  • Material Type: Neoprene
  • System of Measurement: Inch
  • Overall Length: 9.25 inches
  • Max Rotational Speed: 2800 RPM
  • Outside Diameter : 9.25 inches
  • Torque: 4349 Inch Pounds
  • Trade Size: E9

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