• These fittings contain lead and are not allowed by federal law to be installed for potable water use in the U.S.A. and its territories.
  • Male National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads on one end and female NPT threads on the other for connecting pipes with different connections
  • Made from brass for higher corrosion resistance than steel
  • Relative softness of metal enables a tighter seal and ease in installation
  • Meets specifications ANSI B1.20.1 and ANSI B 16.15 for quality assurance
This 45-degree elbow is a class 125 brass pipe fitting with male National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads on one end and female NPT threads on the other end to connect and change the flow direction between two pipes. The elbow has NPT threads for creating tighter seals than straight threads. It is made of brass, which has greater corrosion resistance than steel, and the material_s relative softness allows for easy installation. The pressure ratings for this class 125 elbow are 125 pounds per square inch (psi) for steam and 200 psi for water, oil, and gas (WOG), and the fitting meets standards ANSI B 1.20.1 and ANSI B 16.15 for quality assurance. Class is a standard relating to tolerance, construction, dimension, and wall thickness, but it is not a direct measurement of maximum working pressure.
Merit Brass

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