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Micro 100 MMBM-030-12X 30 Helix Mold Making Ball Nose End Mill, 2 Flute, Solid Carbide Tool, AlTiN Coated, Metric Dimensions, 3.0 mm Cutter Diameter, 3.0 mm Flute Length, 2.90 mm Reduced Neck Diameter, 12 mm Reduced Neck Length, 6 mm Shank Diameter, 57 m

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  • The MICRO 100 MMBM-030-12X metric size, AlTiN - Aluminum Titanium Nitride coated, solid carbide, 2 flute, 30 helix, mold making, ball nose end mills. Designed and engineered with multiple neck length dimensions in a wide range of cutting diameters to provide the best available geometries for finishing cuts in mold making applications. The positive rake supports maximum cutting performance in medium and hard materials for conventional side milling and slotting. Can be utilized for both roughing and finishing in most materials. Manufactured with close tolerances to ensure ultimate precision and performance. AlTiN coatings are high performance and versatile. Has a higher breakdown temperature while maintaining high surface hardness at elevated temperatures. This type of coating also promotes tool life and allows for faster feeds and speeds. Excellent for dry machining applications. Applicable with oxidation temperatures up to 800 C or 1450 F. AlTiN coatings are best utilized on alloy steels, stainless steels, tool steels, nickel alloys and titanium. For over 45 years, MICRO 100 is a known industry leader and internationally acclaimed when it comes to solid carbide tooling.
Micro 100

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