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Mirka AE-203-180 Autonet 3" Mesh Grip Disc

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  • Autonet was specially developed to satisfy the unique demands of the automotive refinishing industry. The patented construction consists of a dense network of polyamide fabric threads onto which the abrasive grit is bonded. This new-age surface finishing solution offers speed, excellent efficiency and an amazing dust extraction ability. The jobs get done quicker and with a better surface quality. Virtually dust-free sanding - The exceptional dust extraction ability of Autonet has to be seen to be believed. Net sanding provides phenomenal dust extraction across the entire abrasive surface. Tests have shown that Autonet produces a miniscule amount of dust compared to conventional vacuum sanding technology using paper discs with holes or perforations, achieving 20-40% better dust capture, whether using a self-generated or central vac system. Eliminates clogging and pilling - Radically reducing the amount of dust means it can no longer collect in lumps on the abrasive surface. Therefore, Autonet eliminates the frustrating problem of dust clogging the abrasive and creating pills, which cause defects in the sanding surface. Cleaner and healthier working environment - Autonet is so efficient at removing potentially dangerous sanding dust it minimizes contamination in the workplace and creates a far healthier environment for everyone. Long life-span - With the abrasive surface constantly kept dust free, Autonet retains its original aggressive sanding performance far longer resulting in fewer abrasives being needed for a given job. Visual control - Since dust is continuously being sucked away it's always possible to see exactly what is happening at the sanding surface. This gives the user greater control over the job and avoids problems such as over sanding. Excellent initial aggressivity Reduces edge wear in finer grits Eliminates clogging and pilling Long life-span Phenomenal dust extraction across the entire abrasive surface Virtually dust-free sanding

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