• Four flutes produce a better finish than fewer flutes
  • Square nose end mills (also called square end) create sharp, unrounded cuts
  • Carbide can run at higher speeds than high-speed steel, resisting abrasion and high cutting temperatures
  • Uncoated (bright) tools have no additional surface treatment or coating for use on a broad range of materials
  • Center-cutting design allows the end mill to plunge into material like a drill bit while also performing conventional surface milling
Niagara Cutter N85161 High Speed Steel Square Nose End Mill, Weldon Shank, TiN Finish, Roughing/Finishing Cut, Non-Center, 30-Degree, 4-Flute, 3.75" OAL, 16 mm Cut Diameter, 0.625" Shank Diameter. The Niagara Cutter SMM850 TiN-coated high-speed steel square nose end mill has four flutes and a metric cutting diameter for general-purpose machining. Four flutes produce a better finish than fewer flutes. The general-purpose TiN coating combines stability at high temperatures with hardness for wear protection, increasing tool life and performance compared to uncoated end mills. (TiN is suitable for a range of materials, but TiCN or uncoated end mills are recommended for machining aluminum.) High-speed steel (HSS) is a common general-purpose steel for cutting tools and is compatible with a variety of materials.
Niagara Cutter
Square Nose End Mill

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