• 7-inches length
  • 1-inches by 2-inches Hasp
  • Made of nylon (extremely durable)
  • Dielectric (non-conductive)
  • Available in bright orange color
It is Bright Orange for high visibility. When this hasp is closed, the two halves of its handle overlap like scissors, and the six holes in each half of the handle align to create six locking holes, any of which, when blocked by a padlock, obstruct the hasp's jaw from opening and allowing access to the locked-out device or energy source. Each locking hole accommodates a padlock shackle up to 3/8" outside diameter. This hasp is part of a lockout/tagout (LOTO) safety procedure required at facilities where devices and energy sources need multiple-person authorization to be accessed safely during maintenance and repair.
Niagara Safety Products
DI-Electric Lockout
DI-Electric Lockout

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