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Palmetto Graphite Filament Compression Packing Seal - Dull Gray

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  • Compression packing seal protects rotating and reciprocating equipment from fluid leaks in severe service and high-speed applications
  • Graphite filament impregnated with graphite particles dissipates frictional heat away from the shaft, enabling high shaft speeds and reducing leakage
  • Solid lubricant provides a bearing film to prevent wicking and fraying
  • Maximum pressure limit of 3,500 psi
  • Operates up to 1,200 degrees F in steam; 800 F in oxidizing atmospheres; 6,000 F in non-oxidizing atmospheres
  • 3/16" Square, 25' Length
This Palmetto style 1555 graphite filament compression packing with a graphite coating and a solid lubricant protects rotating and reciprocating shafts, valves, and agitators from fluid leaks in severe service and high-speed applications. The interwoven braided packing seal is made of a 99-percent assay graphite filament impregnated with fine graphite particles. Graphite resists high temperatures and pressures, exhibits a low coefficient of friction, and transfers heat away from the shaft to prevent glazing and scoring, reducing leakage and extending the packing and sleeve life. The graphite coating further reduces frictional heat to allow for higher shaft speeds and higher temperatures.

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