Sandvik Coromant 2-DCMT 1-PF 5015 CoroTurn 107Cermet Turning Insert - 2-Pk

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  • Designed for turning operations - from medium machining to finishing - on steel in good machining conditions
  • CT5015 uncoated cermet carbide grade provides high wear resistance
  • 55-degree diamond shape is suitable for longitudinal turning, profiling, and operations that require a small lead angle, or where there is limited machine power or a tendency toward vibration
  • Medium-machining (PM or UM) and finishing (PF or UF) chip breaker styles minimize buildup of chips at a range of cutting depths and feed rates
  • Positive single-sided insert with 7-degree clearance angle for light cutting forces and side clearance
The Sandvik Coromant DCMT CT5015 indexable turning insert with a choice of PM, UM, PF, or UF chip breaker style has a 55-degree diamond shape (also called rhombic) and a 7-degree clearance angle, providing high wear resistance for medium machining and finishing of steel in good machining conditions. This single-sided positive insert has chip grooves on one side, a countersunk hole in the center, and two cutting edges. It has a 7-degree clearance angle for light cutting forces and side clearance, making it better than a negative insert for internal turning. It can also be used when there is limited machine power, a tendency toward vibration, or when either a large or small lead angle is required. The insert?s uncoated cermet carbide provides high hardness for wear resistance. It also minimizes a built-up edge, resulting in a higher quality surface finish and longer tool life than provided by other grades. The DCMT CT5015 is available with a choice of four chip breakers - PM, UM, PF, or
  • Material Type: Cermet
  • Finish Types: Uncoated (Bright)
  • Number of Items: 2
  • Chip Breaker Type: PF
  • Compatible Devices: A12S-SDUCR 3, SDJCL 12 3B, SDJCL 16 3D, SDJCR 12 3B, SDJCR 16 3D, A16T-SDQCL 3, A16T-SDQCR 3, A16T-SDUCL 3, A16T-SDUCR 3, A20T-SDUCL 3-X, A20T-SDUCR 3-X, A12S-SDQCL 3, A12S-SDQCR 3, A12S-SDUCL 3
  • Compatible Material: Steel
  • Corner Radius: 0.0157 inches
  • Cutting Angle: 55 Degrees
  • Thickness: 0.1562 inches
Sandvik Coromant
Turning Insert
2-DCMT 3(2.5)1-PF 5015

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